'The Boys' Season 3: 'Herogasm' Age Rating Explained

Image credit: Amazon

Amazon Prime's adult superhero show expects viewers to plunge into the abyss of R-Rated debauchery this Friday.

'The Boys' series is no stranger to controversial themes, with two and a half seasons featuring sexual harassment, graphic violence, and animal cruelty. But it looks like the Amazon Prime show will sink even further into madness with 'Herogasm', an episode entirely set during a huge superhero orgy filled with various perversions and violent sexual rituals. Based on the original comic book plot, 'Herogasm' will certainly be brought to live-action with the most nauseating scenes cut out, but the end result is sure to still shock some more sensitive viewers. So, what is the TV rating for episode 6?

Unlike movies with their more elaborate rating systems, including the dreaded NC-17 rating, which prohibits anyone under seventeen from seeing a particular film, the TV rating system is less thought-out, with one rating dedicated to all projects not suitable for children – TV-MA. 'The Boys' have been slapped with this rating since the beginning of the series, and Amazon has certainly succeeded in proving the validity of this label.

But given that showrunner Eric Kripke describes 'Herogasm' as the craziest thing he's ever done on the show, including incredible ratings for violence and sexual content, some fans thought that the episode will get an even stricter rating than TV-MA.

Of course, that couldn't happen, since the MPAA would've had to set a new rating to do so. But rest assured, 'Herogasm' will certainly stretch the TV-MA rating to unthinkable limits, and who knows, maybe after it airs, the MPAA will have to come up with something.

'Herogasm' episode is scheduled to arrive on Amazon Prime on June 24.

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