'The Boys' Season 3: What Time 'Herogasm' Episode Will Be Released?

'The Boys' Season 3: What Time 'Herogasm' Episode Will Be Released?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Amazon Prime's adult superhero show is getting ready to launch its most controversial entry yet, an episode set during a massive orgy.

The show, based on the best-selling comic book series, has been a hit for two previous seasons, but it looks like all records will be broken this week: the controversial and very graphic 'Herogasm' will finally venture into live-action in episode six. The original narrative arc was released as a spin-off of the comic book series, and the brutal depiction of a superhero orgy instantly became a fan favorite upon release. While Amazon Prime will surely tone down the story arc for the TV by abandoning the adaptation of some vomit-inducing scenes, the episode will no doubt leave some faint-hearted viewers in complete shock. But at what time will it actually come out?

According to official Amazon Prime schedule, episode 6 release time will be the same as all five that came before. 'Herogasm' will debut this Friday, June 24 at times listed below:

3 am Eastern Daylight Time

2 am Central Time

12 am Pacific Daylight Time

9 am Central European Summer Time.

Of course, as many 'The Boys ' fans have already noticed, Amazon Prime doesn't exactly stick to the schedule, as some recent problems with episode 4 certainly proved. For at least a couple of hours the episode was unavailable to some international Amazon Prime subscribers and even American ones, which caused outrage among fans of the series.

It is not yet known what caused this delay, and fans are very hopeful that no technical problems will prevent them from seeing 'Herogasm' at the slated time. Therefore, although the official release time is given above, it is subject to change.