The Boys Season 4 Will Have to Go out of Its Way to Surprise Bored Fans

The Boys Season 4 Will Have to Go out of Its Way to Surprise Bored Fans
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The formula is way too easy.

Every show on television relies on a set of tropes that have already been explored in plays or classic literature. However, there are many creative ways to mix them up and translate them through the unique characters. Variety is what makes the show good, while repetition can easily become its downfall.

Luckily for all fans of Prime Video 's The Boys, the show has managed to survive for many years, giving its creators a chance to take the story in the direction it was meant to go all along. The only problem is that Eric Kripke's creative choices so far lead the majority of viewers to believe they already know what to expect.

How Many Seasons There Are in The Boys?

So far, there are only 3 seasons of The Boys available on Amazon Prime Video, but it's only a matter of weeks before the next season is released. This season, which will premiere on June 13, promises to be particularly intense and surprising, according to the cast and crew. Viewers, however, aren't so sure.

Even though The Boys has always been and will always be one of the best parodies of other superhero media, providing some social commentary on celebrities and overly-privileged groups, it's fair to admit that the premise of the series has remained roughly the same since season 1.

Just like every other season, we've got Homelander, who's under the impression that he can now do anything he wants, and we've got everyone else who's completely fed up with his entitlement. From a token Vallin of the season (many hope to see Jensen Ackles return) to Starlight, who is always on the verge of being done with Vaught.

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Though there's more to the show's characters than these patterns, The Boys hasn't made an effort to explore it yet. And while viewers will likely still come back to the shows for the production quality and unhinged violence alone, they won't expect anything new to happen.

The only thing that gives some hope to those looking for change in The Boys is the fact that the show has been renewed for season 5.

No matter what happens on June 13, there will be a whole new set of episodes to either fix it or make things much worse. Be sure to tune in to Amazon Prime Video on June 13th to see how many boxes The Boys will check this season.