The Buccaneers Isn't Bridgerton 2.0, It's a Dark & Twisted Cringe Fest of Its Own

The Buccaneers Isn't Bridgerton 2.0, It's a Dark & Twisted Cringe Fest of Its Own
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You hoped to get something to enjoy? Well, get ready to cringe a lot.


  • The Buccaneers doesn't have the sweet aftertaste that Bridgerton has.
  • The plot of the series is too complicated, as if it was filmed with the draft of the script.
  • It's impossible to root for any of the characters because their personalities change from episode to episode.

When Apple TV Plus announced the release of their new show The Buccaneers, many fans thought they were getting another version of the already beloved series about the lives of the elite in Regency-era London, Bridgerton. Well, frankly, we thought so too, because there were many hints that this is exactly what we were going to have, and we got too happy too soon.

Of course, the exact copy of the existing show sounds ridiculous, but that's not what the creators of the new show promised. The idea of the series is quite interesting. We have the female part of the main characters as wealthy Americans who are about to put down roots in England in order to find themselves suitable husbands.

However, they never imagined that 1870s England would be such a disappointing place for them. The show begins with the wedding of Conchita and Richard. We see him having second thoughts because his English family never approved of her, but only wanted Conchie for her money. However, it seemed that Richard was truly in love, so the wedding went ahead.

The Buccaneers Isn't Bridgerton 2.0, It's a Dark & Twisted Cringe Fest of Its Own - image 1

Of course, the same episode introduces the “stand out” character right away. In The Buccaneers, it’s Nan, who is this deep soul of a young woman who is not focused on marrying or even befriending any man. She is smart and simple, and we immediately understand she will be the main character.

The first few minutes of the first episode also introduced us to a potential male lead, Guy, and we see the spark between him and Nan and assume there's going to be a romantic storyline there. But we'll get back to that later.

What Is Going On In The Buccaneers S1?

The Buccaneers Isn't Bridgerton 2.0, It's a Dark & Twisted Cringe Fest of Its Own - image 2

At the beginning, the show seems normal and we think we have it all figured out. But then the chain of the unpredictable begins to happen. One of the female leads, Jinny, has to attend the ball of debutantes to find a husband, but Nan suddenly stole all the attention when she dropped her shoe on the huge cake.

That resulted in Jinny’s outburst and she accuses Nan of being selfish and tells her that their mother is not Nan’s real mother. Nan is forced to move away to “let Jinny shine.”

While away, Nan suddenly finds another love interest, Theo the Duke. To make things even more awkward, the writers decide to make Theo and Guy... best friends. Wow, a love triangle! How very non-cliché.

As you continue to watch the show, you begin to question every thought that comes to your mind. For example, when you see Jinny being so unreasonable in the first episode, you assume she is the antagonist and start to hate her. But by the time you get to episode 5, she has already turned into the victim.

The same goes for Guy: we see him as sweet and innocent, then we see him and his father having a conversation about how he had to marry "that rich American" to get her money. But later in the show, we have him drunkenly confessing his love for Nan in a passionate letter, and we start to have second thoughts about how evil he really is.

The Buccaneers Oozes The CW Vibes

The Buccaneers Isn't Bridgerton 2.0, It's a Dark & Twisted Cringe Fest of Its Own - image 3

Of course, this is only a small part of what goes on in The Buccaneers' twisted universe. We have already seen Theo go from good to bad and back to good, and we have seen Conchita be delusional in every way possible. No wonder fans are really starting to lose interest in a show they can't understand.

“I love period pieces and have even watched a couple of terrible CW period pieces, but I wasn't even able to get through one episode. At least in Bridgerton there was an overall cohesive style whereas this is trying to be too many things for too many people. Basically it is slightly worse than a CW drama or a daytime Disney show,” Redditor Appropriate-Pen-9381 said.

It seems that the show's writers need to focus on the plot before the show loses all of its viewers, because right now, The Buccaneers is a chaotic mix of everything. If you want to form your own opinion, you can stream the show on Apple TV Plus.