The Buccaneers’ Latest Episode Gives Fans Twilight Flashbacks

The Buccaneers’ Latest Episode Gives Fans Twilight Flashbacks
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This is the classic Edward vs. Jacob battle.


  • The Buccaneers is an Apple TV Plus period show focusing on the lives of the American ladies coming to Britain to get married into aristocracy.
  • The Buccaneers is based on Edith Wharton's novel of the same name.
  • As the show progresses, one of the characters, Nan, is forced to make a decision between two suitors, Theo and Guy.

If for some reason you missed the new hot period drama released earlier this month on Apple TV Plus, you're in luck because now you can catch up on 5 episodes in one go. Get ready for a highly modernized take on the British aristocracy of the 1800s, with plenty of the drama we all know and love from period shows.

While many people have suggested that The Buccaneers has the fame of Netflix 's Bridgerton, the show has received very mixed reviews so far.

Some viewers less affected by the classic period pieces like Pride and Prejudice have loved the show and didn't mind all the historical details the creators chose to leave out. Others, however, could barely get through the first few episodes without turning it off.

Those who stayed, however, may find themselves in the middle of a very difficult choice between two suitors with one of the main characters, Nan. And with each passing episode, the choice becomes harder to make.

The Buccaneers’ Theo vs. Guy

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It wasn't really surprising for the audience to see a character like Theo act in a not-so-gentlemanly manner and start playing dirty. Just like everyone else, he has his own flaws, and he's entitled to his own feelings, which fans aren't mad at him for. Hiding a telegram and not sharing his feelings is not exactly a crime.

In fact, it makes the show all the more entertaining to watch.

What the viewers in the Buccaneers fandom aren't sure about is whether they want to see such a man with Nan or if she should stick with Guy. Even though he seemed a little bland to some at first, it's hard to deny the depth of the conversations the two characters have together, and the bond they share because of the loss of their mothers.

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It's clear to see that there's some chemistry between Theo and Nan, and many fans tend to be drawn to that more than to a guy who's... well, just a good guy in general. With this love story, The Buccaneers create a narrative for a perfect love triangle, where the character is forced to choose between someone fascinatingly bad and someone obviously nice.

What is interesting, however, is how the story will play out. While some fans believe that the showrunners may end the season on a cliffhanger, others think that there is not much left to explore and that Nun's choice would be more predictable than we all hope. After all, the prospect of becoming a Duchess is too good to pass up.

If you're curious to see what's in store in the next few episodes of The Buccaneers, you can tune in to the show on Apple TV Plus next Wednesday, November 29.