The CW's 'Gotham Knights': Debut Trailer Breakdown

The CW's 'Gotham Knights': Debut Trailer Breakdown
Image credit: The CW

Who will protect Gotham now? Asking for DC fans.

The CW has dropped the first trailer for 'Gotham Knights ' – a TV show revolving around Bruce Wayne's adopted son who forms an alliance with the children of Batman 's enemies after the caped crusader's death.

We are introduced to a boy named Turner Hayes who will have to deal with the aftermath of his adoptive father's death – in his own way. Approached by Harvey Dent, who is portrayed by Misha Collins, Hayes ends up being one of the suspects in Bruce Wayne's murder.

Among other suspects, there is Joker 's daughter and several other Batman's enemies' kids. Hayes reaches out to them, and the gang ends up being fugitives, pursued by Collins' character. Now that Gotham is endangered with no caped crusader to protect it, it seems it's up for the Gotham Knights to do the job.

One might wonder what DC fans think about the new show by The CW based on their favorite universe. Well, where do we even begin…

According to fans, the trailer looks overwhelmingly cheap – both in terms of visual effects and the storyline.

Some people have already regretted that the network cancelled a handful of other projects in favour of 'Gotham Knights'.

It does not look like the show has a lot of supporters – pretty much everybody predicts that 'Gotham Knights' will be cancelled shortly after the premiere.

'Gotham Knights' airs on The CW on December 1.