The Dark Side of Home Alone We All Happily Ignored

The Dark Side of Home Alone We All Happily Ignored
Image credit: Legion-Media

So much for a classic Christmas fairytale.

Home Alone is a comfort holiday movie we all put on when we want to set the Christmas mood right. But as we soak up that Christmas cheer, we choose to ignore some dark parts of the movie that are right there if we think about them.

Let's talk about Kevin McCallister here. The witty boy who managed to protect himself from two criminal breaking into his house by setting up Indiana Jones-like traps and actually driving them insane.

Basically, the entire Home Alone franchise is based off of Kevin hunting the criminals down in a hilarious way; but when you think about it, he didn't actually need to go all that way to save himself.

According to comedian Trevor Moore's take on the iconic movies, it was not really about safety for Kevin.

"Kevin McCallister could have phoned the police at any time. He was a child who had accidentally been left alone. One call and he would have been safe. But it was never about safety. He was hunting those men. He wanted them to die. It was fun for him. He enjoyed it," his theory reads.

Seriously, this movie does have loads of pretty dark undertones.

Some fans, however, noted that there was a problem with calling the police. After all, Kevin is a kid, and the cops could have easily rendered his call a prank.

"It took a good 5 minutes of convincing the police to even be willing to go check on him. They gave up immediately when he didn't answer the door and they heard no noise, rather than taking that as a reason to be MORE concerned for his wellbeing!" Twitter user disneydolewhip argued.

Yes, but did he even try? Turns out hunting the two awkward criminals down was a lot more fun for Kevin than trying to simply save himself. With today's reboot mania, can we already prepare ourselves for a horror movie about the true Kevin McCallister who would lure criminals into his house to torment them and never letting them out?.. That would definitely be more of a Halloween classic than a Christmas one.