The Dirtier General Hospital Does Nina, the More Fans She Gets

The Dirtier General Hospital Does Nina, the More Fans She Gets
Image credit: ABC

#TeamNina grows on every social media.


  • General Hospital is an ABC soap opera that has been on the air for more than 60 years.
  • Starting in 2023, the show focused heavily on the rivalry between Nina and Carly.
  • Now that Nina seems to be losing in every direction, fans are upset that the writers are clearly favoring Carly again.

If you're not familiar with the concept of reverse psychology, take a look at what's happening on the latest episodes of General Hospital and then journey through the fan reactions on social media.

People are rejecting almost every story arc the writers are pushing. For years, fans have been begging for new showrunners to take control over the soap opera, and now that the desired outcome is so close and new writers' stories are just around the corner, many don't have the patience to wait.

The endlessly long, tedious, and repetitive drama between Sonny, Carly, Drew, and Nina is a particularly clear example of how the writers' favoritism forces the fandom to side with a heroine who should be on the losing end. Team Nina grows with each new episode, while Team Carly goes extinct.

General Hospital Sonny and Nina Divorce

The last straw that was just enough to make people celebrate Nina's freedom from Sonny, his influence, and the shady people around him was the moment Diane served her with divorce papers. Not only did he not have the decency to talk to her face to face, but Diane only made matters worse by trying to pick a fight.

Between Nina's loss of the magazine and Sonny's loss, many viewers have finally had enough of the way General Hospital has treated just about every woman in Sonny Corinthos' life except Carly.

While they may not be together for now, many sense that a reunion is coming sooner rather than later. And the only way they would accept it is if it meant both of them taking a step toward retiring from the show.

Even though much of Nina's suffering was a direct result of her own actions, fans understand that there are writers behind every storyline. Until they have the desire and interest to develop the character, she will forever remain a figure who does not learn from her mistakes.

At the same time, continuing to use her as a doormat at Carly's feet is the worst of all scenarios. If General Hospital's creative team lacks the spark to develop Nina, it would be more fair to write her character off until better times.

After all, everyone has already realized and come to terms with the fact that General Hospital has become The Carly Show. They might as well just accept the title and make the best of it. If you are interested to see what troubles Nina will have to face next, you can watch the show Monday through Friday on ABC.