The Flash Movie Will Introduce Newer (Better?) Justice League

The Flash Movie Will Introduce Newer (Better?) Justice League
Image credit: globallookpress

As has already been confirmed, DCU is heading for what amounts to a full reboot.

And The Flash is very likely going to serve as an instrument of that reboot, just like he did before in the comics, this time in his eponymous movie, which is going to be released on June 16 this year.

Multiverse shenanigans are nothing new for the Flash, who has a history of being a time traveler and universe hopper probably since some DC writers learned that going faster than light would in fact mean time travel and disregard of causality in the real world.

As Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics Jim Lee explained in a featurette for The Flash, "The great story at DC involves the Multiverse, meaning [there's] an infinite number of Earths. There could be different versions of these characters and really explore different stories. The Flash is synonymous to the Multiverse."

That Multiverse idea is surely handy when you want to have a ready-made excuse for any and all retcons, reboots, and just trying to sell the same story again and again, though it has to be admitted that the works of fiction popular enough to spawn repeated adaptations do really produce endless "parallel universes."

Anyway, in his upcoming movie The Flash is going to visit alternate worlds and encounter alternate versions of DC heroes, including two different Batmen (Affleck's and Keaton's).

As the director Andy Muschietti revealed, The Flash is even going to meet an alternate version of Justice League, though it is going to be a far cry from Justice League familiar to us, consisting of Michael Keaton's Batman, Sasha Calle's Supergirl, and the two versions of Barry Allen.

In Andy's words, "As Bruce Wayne said, it's like a retired vigilante, a half-solar-powered alien, and two idiots."

Gal Gadot also was confirmed to return as Wonder Woman, though she is not said to be a part of the team.

As for the villains, General Zod, Superman 's traditional enemy is involved, but the main villain will be the alternate universe's Barry Allen, turning into a "Dark Flash". All in all, the movie seems to be quite loaded with characters, even if not to the point of the Justice League movie. Whether a sprawling cast is going to work for a movie which is only introducing its version of the titular superhero to the audience remains to be seen.