The Flash Toys Completely Spoil The Look of At Least One Movie Villain

The Flash Toys Completely Spoil The Look of At Least One Movie Villain
Image credit: globallookpress

New action figures reveal the appearance of an evil speedster in great detail.

The Flash, an upcoming new addition to the DC Extended Universe, has just completely spoiled the appearance of one of its villains.

Although the fact that an evil, multiversal double of Barry Allen will be present in the film had already been confirmed through various leaks, including an Instagram post from funkoinfo_, the release of new seven-inch action figures from McFarlane Toys now shows the Dark Flash in much more detail.

It is actually quite common for movies to have their plot points and characters spoiled by merchandise prior to their release.

Similar situations have happened with Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe, when LEGO sets based on the upcoming releases revealed key plot elements.

The Dark Flash figure features an inky black suit with some sort of appendages coming out of it. The facial expression is screaming, with conspicuously sharp teeth, suggesting that the character has undergone some sort of mutation.

The new character somewhat resembles the Black Flash from the comics, who essentially serves as the Death for the speedsters, returning them to their power source: the Speed Force.

The altered facial features and black suit are common to both characters. In addition, according to Buzzfeed, the Dark Flash "steals the soul of speedster heroes", which only reinforces the similarities.

Since the movie's plot is vaguely based on the Flashpoint comic book storyline, in which Barry travels back in time to prevent his mother's murder and accidentally traps himself in an altered parallel timeline, it seems that the Dark Flash will be a movie replacement for the Reverse Flash from the comics.

However, fans have not received the character's design well, calling it terrible. They compare it to another infamous example of a CGI-created villain from the Justice League.

"Yeah cause Steppenwolf was such a great design choice that why not do it again," Twitter user @BAM_boozler88 said.

Many point out that it would have made much more sense to include Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash, as the movie's villain, as he was in the comic book arc.

The Flash is scheduled for release on June 16, 2023.