The Gilded Age Fans Know What Makes It Better Than Other HBO TV Shows

The Gilded Age Fans Know What Makes It Better Than Other HBO TV Shows
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There’s only one HBO show you can watch with your parents.


  • The Gilded Age is an HBO period drama that follows the lives of high New York society members in the 1880s.
  • The show is created by Jullian Fellowes, also known to fans of the genre by the show The Downton Abbey.
  • Many fans believe The Gilded Age was such a success because it appeals to many ages and doesn’t push too much nudity or violence.

Now renewed for a third season, The Gilded Age has established itself as a hit not only with fans of the period genre but also with HBO viewers looking for something to watch in the midst of an extended hiatus.

Thanks to the strikes that took place in the summer of 2023, many more people decided to make the most of their Max subscriptions and check out the ongoing period drama, which has since completely captivated them. Now, along with the rest of the fandom, they will have to wait their turn for season 3 to go into production and be released.

The only criticism that the general HBO audience usually ends up having for the show is its softness on the topics of sex, violence, and anything else highly rated that comes to mind. The Gilded Age may seem pretty toned down if you watch it right after shows like Succession or House of The Dragon, but the loyal viewers see this as a strength rather than a weakness.

What Rating Is The Gilded Age?

The show is completely PG, which has only added to the criticism that it is low-stakes. However, the show's core audience finds this fact comforting and remains happy with the way things are.

If The Gilded Age decided to up the ante in season 3, they would likely face a backlash from a swath of people who introduced their parents and grandparents to the show and made a tradition of watching it together. Depending on the level of sensitivity to R-rated content, not many shows under the HBO umbrella might be appropriate for this.

In discussing whether The Gilded Age needs to make any changes in the way it is presented, fans in one association decided that they did not want to see any changes in the future. After all, the network already has more than enough shows that are far too harsh and realistic even in the ugliest areas of life.

“I’m glad there are some shows that focus on other things apart from romance & violence. Not everything has to be the same and I’m glad we have a variety of shows that cater to a different demographic,” Redditor Disastrous_Narwhal46 said.

Fortunately for the show's core audience, there is no indication that Julian Fellowes has any plans to change the pace. If anything, we can expect to see new characters and power dynamics in the already established relationships, but nothing more risky or explicit than we have already seen.

If you are interested in The Gilded Age season 3 release date, be sure to keep an eye out for more behind-the-scenes news and updates.

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