The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Time Jumps Explained

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 5 Time Jumps Explained
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Why use the tricks when the show is already full of literally everything?

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is now in its fifth season, and it will be the last for the show. A lot has happened to the characters during the four seasons of the show, there were many great moments and a lot of unfortunate revelations.

But their lives are still fascinating enough to follow them in season 5 to find out what the writers have planned for the beloved characters.

The new season begins in an unexpected way. The creators decided to use a time jump trick to spice things up.

At the beginning of the episode we meet Midge and Joel's daughter Esther, who is a 23-year-old genius, but struggles with some mental problems (some of which may be due to her mother, as we learned from her speech to her therapist).

After this scene, we still go back to the early 1960s to find out what Midge, brilliantly portrayed by Rachel Brosnahan, and the rest of the gang are up to.

The show mostly stays in this timeline for the rest of the season, but still gives a few glimpses into the adult Ethan's life (in episode 3), as well as a little time to check in on Susie and Joel's lives.

Frankly, what we see there in the 80s is not always great. Some news we get are tragic, some are happy.

But showrunners Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino do a remarkable job of completing the stories of the Maisels, the Weissmans and those around them on the road.

So why do the creators need these time jumps in the first place? Well, first of all, we have to say that it's a new fad in the world of television. But that was not the real reason why the Palladinos used them.

The main purpose was to wrap up Miriam's story in a satisfying and realistic way. In fact, the focus is on the children to show how the situation between their parents reflects on their adulthood.

It provides a valuable background for Ethan and Esther's stories.

The second episode also begins with a time travel trick. We saw a 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace and now internationally famous Midge Maisel.

The interview sets up the rest of season 5 to show the twists and turns of Midge's road to superstar status, and the rest of the story is no less intriguing now that we know where she will end up.

In fact, these time jumps may also be a hint at how unhappy Midge is in the 80s.

She may be enjoying the stardom, but she seems to have failed miserably in her personal life, not only with a love interest, but also with her children and her best friend Susie.

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, currently in its fifth and final season, is streaming on Prime Video. New episode, titled The Testi-Roastial, is scheduled to premiere on May 5.