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The Morbius Curse Lives On: Now It Comes For The Marvels

The Morbius Curse Lives On: Now It Comes For The Marvels
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

Morbius will forever be remembered as "easily one of the movies ever made", and for a good reason; but even after the memes about it have died off, its curse lives on — and apparently, The Marvels is next on the line.

The Marvels is an upcoming superhero movie guess-from-which-studio. It will feature three female leads: Ms. Marvel, Captain Rambeau, and Captain Marvel.

After their investigation into the Kree activity, their powers became intertwined in a way that makes the heroines switch places with each other every time they use them.

The trio has to form a team to uncover the reason for their powers' weird behavior. This is definitely one of the superhero premises in the history of the superhero genre, you're right.

But why are we so sure that The Marvels will ascend to Morbius ' level of emptiness and maybe even surpass it?

Despite all the memes and the record-breaking box office and rating failure of Morbius, its trailer on YouTube has only managed to gather 11k dislikes since its release and up until now.

The Marvels trailer already has… Around 350k dislikes — and it was only released two days ago!

This is really one of the reactions of an audience to an upcoming movie.

However, it's not just the dislike counter that makes us think that the two projects have a lot in common in terms of making Marvel history: the fans are feeling this way, too, and the already-forgotten Morbius memes are coming back to life, reworked to fit The Marvels.

Check out these two comments under the YouTube trailers and you'll see what we mean.

"Whenever he says "it's morbin time" before morbing all the enemies… it just brings a tear to my eye," claimed Futuristicbus 61 under the Morbius trailer.

The Marvels' comment section is already filled with those, too.

"I loved it when Carol said, 'It's Marvels Time'," shared Jullia Capybara in the comment section of The Marvels trailer.

Judging by the fans' initial reaction to the upcoming project that mirrors the Morbius case on a much larger scale, we can expect only two things: either The Marvels is going to take over the title of one of the movies of all time, or it'll be perceived as such.

The end result just doesn't matter at this point: the Morbius curse is already invoked.