The Most Annoying Supernatural Character is Making a Comeback

The Most Annoying Supernatural Character is Making a Comeback
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...With a twist, but still.

Supernatural was the show where it was in fact quite a standard procedure to hate the protagonists occasionally. It turns out that Mary Winchester, the mother of iconic hunters Sam and Dean, does not enjoy a lot of fan love — at least according to a Reddit thread.

Now that Mary is set to return to screens in The Winchesters, The CW prequel that follows the love story of Dean and Sam's parents, fans are having flashbacks to what she was like in the original series.

At the beginning of Supernatural, Mary was killed by the Demon Azazel, but then got resurrected by The Darkness as a gift to Dean. However, things went wrong on more occasions than one since then, with Mary struggling to fit in the changed world and aligning with the British Men of Letters, distancing herself from her sons.

Fans believe that the decision to bring the character back into the show is the main reason for the character's degradation.

"I would have preferred not to have her in the show, but I was okay with how they went about it initially in terms of her issues and dynamic with Sam and Dean. As with a lot of later SPN, I don't think they committed themselves enough to the nuances, though, and I felt that the relationship stagnated somewhat," Redditor Figgitus argued.

Others agreed that it was simply hard to empathize with Mary — not least due to writers failing to make her compelling enough, thus making Mary one of the most annoying Supernatural characters. Fans admit that Mary as a character never grew on them, and caring about her struggles and subsequent death by Jack's hand was almost impossible.

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There was a character, however, who fans felt deserved to get more recognition as a parental figure for the Winchester brothers – and it's Bobby, who cared for Sam and Dean and was there for them much more than Mary or John ever were; he was their real parent after all, according to popular SPN fans' take.

The "past" version of Mary, however, does not get as much hate as the "resurrected" one, as people think young Mary actually wanted "the best life for her kids".

However, there are fans who believe that Mary's overall arc was tragic enough to spare her of hate.

"I loved how tragic her arc was. She was brought back to a family of strangers. She was thrown 20-30 years or so into the future with only a little connection with Dean. She had no bearings, or ground to establish on, so she clung on to what she knew best, hunting, so she clung on to Ketch. She gradually grew back in to the mother role and then was taken away once again. I know it's a unpopular opinion, but I like her character arc." – u/Myjennatulls

Mary returned to Supernatural in season 12 and remained one of the main characters up until the final fifteenth chapter. In the final season, Jack killed her. Initially, she was brought back by the Darkness, who wanted to give Dean a "gift" — even though he did not appreciate it in the end, viewing his mother's return as more of a trial.

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Mary will return to screens once again when The Winchesters premiere on The CW on October 11. This time, she will be portrayed by Meg Donnelly.