The Most Brutal Death in 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Finale

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We all knew it was coming, but still we were not ready.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Stranger Things' Volume 2

Netflix has finally released the last two episodes of the season 4, and while death toll surprisingly wasn't all that high, it looks like one particular bully suffered just the awful fate that fans kinda sorta hoped for.

First part of 'Stranger Things' season 4 introduced many new characters in Hawkins and beyond, but none as vile as Jason Carver, the school athlete with a penchant for bullying. At the beginning of the season, Jason was seen as a kind and considerate student, but later he turned into an unstoppable villain, beating up innocent people in an attempt to avenge the death of his girlfriend. Yeah, here's the catch – Jason's girlfriend was killed by Vecna, but the bully decided it was all Eddie Munson's fault, so he set out on a quest for revenge. This quest led Jason to Creel's house, where the party tried to defeat Vecna.

It was there that Jason finally got what he deserved – after pointing a gun at his classmates, Lucas finally snaps and sends his right hook right into Jason's head, rendering him unconscious. Jason's luck didn't get any better after that – after finally defeating Vecna, the party was surprised to find that Creel's house literally exploded and red cracks went all over the estate, splitting Jason apart. Ouch, what a terrible way to go.

"Jason has one of the most brutal deaths on the entire show right? Like the guy was literally split in half and disintegrated by the gate opening," – /setath.

And the most disturbing detail? Jason was actually alive as the portal cut him in half – at one point you could hear him screaming.

Seeing a character get cut in half and then melted into pieces is certainly nightmare fuel for many people, but in Jason's case, the 'Stranger' Things fandom was kind of happy to finally see this deranged bully get what he deserved, with some even wanting his death to be even more brutal than what happened.

"Favorite villain send off of the series for sure. I yelped "thank your god" when he got ripped in half." – /Andy_Ally.

Pretty much everyone agrees that Jason, however brutal his death in 'Stranger Things' season 4 finale was, had it coming – and deserved every bit of suffering the Duffer brothers so readily provided him with.

"He deserved it though, I was just waiting to see him get killed or hurt, i didn't even want him to like come to his senses and spare Lucas, I was just praying on his downfall," – /thefrenchiestfry_exe.

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