The Most Iconic Scene in 'Herogasm' Isn't Even Sexual

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Who could have thought.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' episode 6

A vile orgy? Someone's genitalia exploding? Incredibly detailed atrocities thrown right to your face? Surprisingly, 'Herogasm' appears to be remembered by 'The Boys' fans for none of these things, with people rather praising its inredible… fighting sequence.

Yes, the potentially most controversial episode in the history of TV turned out to instead offer what is now being celebrated online as the most exciting fighting scene in superhero media. It's quite ironic that these accolades go for 'The Boys' and not some new Marvel movie, isn't it?

The scene in question is an epic showdown between the team of Soldier Boy, The Butcher and Hughie against Homelander. The fight takes place in the ruins of the Herogasm location, with The Butcher enjoying his newly-acquired superpowers. And boy do thing not look good for Homelander.

"This was the best episode of The Boys till date, period. I love the trio of Hughie, Soldier Boy and Butcher, for the first time i saw Homelander intimidated by someone, scared, and i love it." – @haymants.

That is, until Soldier Boy ends up being unable to kill him. The team manages to pin Homelander to the ground, and it would take Jensen Ackles' character just one powerful energy blast to end it all for the narcissist superhero.

Still, Homelander flees, and there are two more episodes for the Boys to try and take on him once again. Despite the team not killing Homelander, fans praised the fight as one of the best sequences ever, with some people admitting that the scene got them "levitating in their seats".

"Best part about Herogasm wasn't the Herogasm but the fight between Soldier Boy, Homelander and Butcher, got chills man. And pls give Antony an Emmy already, that man is SERVING" – @heyutwt.

Next episode of 'The Boys' arrives on Prime Video next Friday, with the finale scheduled for July 8.

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