The New Mummy With Brendan Fraser Is More Than Possible

The New Mummy With Brendan Fraser Is More Than Possible
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Now that Brendan Fraser has finally made his triumphant return to the big screen and won an Oscar, is it time to recall his iconic character and maybe even have him fight the mummies again? Dwayne Johnson thinks so.

The 1999 Mummy is still considered by many fans to be one of the best mummy movies ever made, blending horror and comedy so perfectly that it's impossible not to watch it again.

Few people know this, but The Mummy was the Rock's first debut on the big screen.

This was followed by The Scorpion King, which brought Dwayne even more attention. Apparently, the actor is now on the verge of a return to the old franchise.

Jeff Sneider shared rumors about a possible Mummy return on his podcast The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha.

According to him, the directors of Batgirl, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, are currently working on a big Hollywood action movie and Dwayne Johnson could be the producer.

While there has been no official confirmation of this information, it is known that Brendan himself is enthusiastic about the idea of reviving the franchise.

Fans also quickly picked up on the idea, offering their own versions of character development after so many years.

"I would love to see them reboot the dark universe with Brendan now. He's old enough to explain how he's learned about all this occult s*** over the decades, and to have developed tricks up his sleeve to deal with different monsters.

Evelyn could have a huge, amazing library full of books and newspaper cut outs, all about the occult," Reddit user SentenceCharacter said.

However, there are many fans who do not support the idea of another sequel, fearing that it could repeat the fate of Mummy 3, which was received much colder by audiences and critics than the first and second movies.

"The first one [movie] was a horror/adventure but it seems with each installment it was less horror and more adventure.

I love a good adventure movie but it just didn't work with The Mummy franchise. So unless they're going to take it back to its roots they should just leave it alone," Reddit user DrkTitan commented.

Fans agree that Brendan's Oscar win improves the project's chances. And having the duo as one of the highest paid actors in the industry and another as current audience favorite would make the movie extremely appealing to viewers.

However, it remains only to watch old Mummy movies and wait for the news while there are no exact details.