The One Butcher & Homelander Scene That Made Fans Feel Uneasy

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You certainly did not expect these two to do that.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Boys' season 3 episode 8

'The Boys' finale gave us a team-up we never wanted or expected, albeit a brief one.

Yes, Homelander and Butcher did in fact acted in solidarity for the first time in their life when the two lasered Soldier Boy as he attacked Ryan, the son of Becca and Homelander.

The sudden collaboration seemed to baffle the two themselves, not to mention fans, who were terrified when they saw yellow and red lasers aimed at one direction.

Isn't it sweet when the two "dads" protect the kid from a radicalized superhero? Not really, when you remember that one of them is a V-fueled rebel, and another is a narcissist superhuman who went crazy because of his omnipotence.

"Butcher really defended the kid against his biggest shot at weakening/killing the REAL bad guy here, all for the brat to smile as his "dear old dad" murdered someone right in front of his face. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh butcher? Nice one, my guy." – @DestielDrugged.

Fans seem to be heartbroken over how loved Ryan in fact is by both men, and just how wrong their motivations are.

"Butcher and Homelander both definitely love Ryan ...... but for the wrong reasons. They are deeply selfish, evil men that manage to warp such a beautiful soul. Ryan's mother was the only one that was actually good for the kid. Season 4 is gonna be really hard to watch." – @GwenLovesMovies.

With father figures like that to look up to, it's not really surprising that Ryan showed little emotion when his biological dad Homelander lasered someone's head off at a rally of his supporters. But that is not only Homelander's fault, as Butcher was shown in this season as someone who did not manage to break the cycle of abuse that his own father started.

Currently, everything points at daddy issues as one of the main topics of season 4, which is due to start production soon. Given how traumatized and agitated all those who suffer from these issues are, it might mean that season 4 is going to be even more explosive than this one.

The next chapter of 'The Boys' might be released as soon as in the middle of 2023.

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