The One Death Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Never Forgive the Writers For

The One Death Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Never Forgive the Writers For
Image credit: ABC

As it enters its 19th season, Grey's Anatomy continues week after week to provide fans with drama, romance, rivalries, and of course, a glimpse into the medical world.

By now, fans know what to expect from an episode of Grey's Anatomy and more often than not, keep a box of tissues near for the tear-jerking scenes. The series has become notorious for playing on viewers' heartstrings, but on a few occasions, the show has gone too far to bring on the waterworks.

Death and heartache are recurring themes in Grey's Anatomy. After all, it is based on the lives of doctors and surgeons who deal with it every day, and audiences have gotten used to and accepted that, but one thing they cannot accept is when the writers of Grey's Anatomy kill off the main characters.

Over the years at Seattle Grace, now Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, fans have mourned the loss of a few of their favorite doctors. Viewers have seen Lexie dying in a plane crash and being eaten by animals, Derek (AKA McDreamy) being killed in a car accident, and then Mark Sloan succumbing to injuries and being taken off life support, and many more deaths in between. Although the passing of these characters was unbearably tragic, there has been another death that fans absolutely cannot get over.

Andrew DeLuca entered the show in season 11 as a surgical intern. His early days are hard as he struggles to fit in with the other interns and is almost beaten to death by Alex Karev over a misunderstanding involving Jo. He begins a romance with Meredith and even goes to prison for her after taking the blame for her insurance fraud. She eventually clears his name and he returns to work at the hospital. It seems things are finally going well for DeLuca, but it is his hero complex that ends in his ultimate demise.

Unwilling to accept that he can't save every patient, DeLuca starts showing signs of obsessive behavior that hint at Bipolar disorder, and his efforts to save patients started becoming extreme and reckless. Everything spirals out of control when he becomes convinced that one of his patients is a victim of sex trafficking, but none of the other doctors believe him.

He goes off alone to track down the sex trafficker responsible for the patient and ends up being stabbed. Despite fellow doctors doing everything they can to save him, DeLuca dies on the operating table.

Fans feel that DeLuca deserved so much better, and what made his death even more heartbreaking was seeing him isolated from his fellow doctors as no one would believe him. His death could have been avoided in so many ways had someone believed him, if the proper authorities had been willing to intervene or if he simply had thought his plan through and not acted so recklessly. Andrew DeLuca was a tragic and unnecessary loss that fans are going to take a while to get over. In the end, the man who wanted to save everyone was the one who couldn't be saved.