The Only Cheating on Grey's Anatomy Fans Were Willing to Forgive

The Only Cheating on Grey's Anatomy Fans Were Willing to Forgive
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Grey's Anatomy has never been afraid to push boundaries.

Over the years the medical drama has covered a variety of controversial topics and taken fans on an emotional rollercoaster that some may battle to stay on.

Fans have dealt with heartbreak, death, sickness, anger and so much more. One thing fans are not often ready to deal with is cheating.

Cheating is one of the worst betrayals possible and it has happened on numerous occasions in the series, with fans not always willing to forgive and forget what their favorite characters get up to, but as always there are a few exceptions.

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From their first kiss in the bathroom at Joe's Bar in season 5, fans had been rooting for Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins to be one of the few Grey's Anatomy romances to go the distance. The couple was certainly not perfect, but they were good together and they truly did love each other.

Many fans were captivated by the women's relationship, but in true Grey's Anatomy style, things were far from easy for the pair.

After surviving a car crash together and coming out stronger, with Callie prematurely giving birth to Sofia followed by a beautiful but drama-filled wedding, the worst seemed to be behind the couple who had survived their fair share of ordeals on the show, and then came the plane crash.

Not only do fans look to blame the plane crash as the ultimate cause of Arizona's unfaithfulness to Callie, but they have also gone as far as to forgive her for her actions because of the extreme circumstances.

After the plane crash, things became very dark for the survivors of the accident, and Arizona was one of them. Not only does she have to deal with her leg being amputated following her injuries, but she also suffers a miscarriage just as things are getting better and she and Callie decide to try and have another child.

It is at the point where she is at her lowest and most vulnerable when she meets Dr. Lauren Boswell. There is clear sexual tension between the pair and they end up sleeping together, with Callie finding out after seeing Arizona's ring pinned to Lauren.

Fans were devastated and angry with Arizona, but also unable to hold onto these feelings towards her character.

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In various online discussions, fans have explained their willingness to forgive Arizona based on her trauma. She was suffering from PTSD after the plane crash. She was dealing with loss after Mark and Lexie had died and she was trying to come to terms with her amputation. She wasn't in the frame of mind to be making rational or good choices and acted impulsively in a moment of weakness.

There will always be exceptions to the rules, and it seems that Arizona's cheating is one of those instances, although fans agree that Callie deserved better than that. Perhaps fans were just grateful to have Callie and Arizona both together and alive for so long, as many past favorite Grey's Anatomy couples were not as fortunate.