'The Rings of Power': Fans No Longer Believe Adar Might Be Sauron

'The Rings of Power': Fans No Longer Believe Adar Might Be Sauron
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One character cleared of suspicion. A hundred more to go.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Rings of Power ' episode 5

The bizarre orc lord named Adar is one of the characters who fans believe might be Sauron in disguise. Well, they believed so until the premiere of 'The Rings of Power' episode 5, which appeared to teeter their confidence.

In the new episode, titled 'Partings', Adar seems to feel little enthusiasm when hearing someone calling him "Sauron". Many fans have caught the tone, understanding that Adar does not like the dark wizard too much — and, consequently, he is not Sauron in disguise.

However, some die-hard Tolkien fans have an opposite opinion. In fact, such a reaction from Adar might mean something completely different.

"Adar reacting negatively to being called "Sauron" would actually make a lot of sense if he were Sauron, since he hates that name," as Reddit user 1ScreamingDiz-Buster put it.

Still, whether Adar is Sauron or not, he still looks quite threatening and he keeps working with orcs, even though he does not seem to be overly fond of his minions. Besides, now that 'The Rings of Power' has officially introduced the so-called "Eminem guy" — a pale albino-looking sinister character who arrives to explore the footprints left by the Stranger after he landed near the Harfoots settlement — there is one more character to suspect.

People now believe that the new character, whom we have already seen in the promos, is Annatar — the one who was behind the creation of the rings of power, and the future Sauron, according to the books. However, the show might as well take a different path, given that there are plenty of candidates for Sauron aside from Adar and the "Eminem guy".

'The Rings of Power' is streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes arriving on Fridays.