The Rings of Power Just Gave Us Its Cheapest-Looking Scene Ever

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Looks like those "Mary Sue" accusations are not going away any time soon.

The Rings of Power is currently getting close to the finale, but it seems that some of the fans' issues remain unaddressed by the showrunners since episode 1.

In line with that, Reddit critics have recently lambasted the scene in which Galadriel gives a lesson to future Numenorian soldiers on how to fight on swords. She is certainly the one who would know, since she gracefully defeated a large troll with her swords in the very first episode. That scene, however, was scrutinized by fans and blasted for looking unrealistic.

The Numenor scene in episode 5 faced the similar criticism, with Reddit user Personal-Carpenter75 pointing out that the entire sequence makes little sense.

"I have never ever seen such badly written scene. They were aiming the air and [G]aladriel moved Like a Queen. It didn't look Like a fight AT ALL. Is IT really that hard to spend some money on fight choreograph?" the critic noted, adding that the participants were basically aiming at the air and "moving pointlessly".

Many people agreed with the sentiment, joining the chorus of critics who took issue with Galadriel since her very first appearance. However, there is also another opinion on that. To illustrate it, Reddit user SilentioRS urged everyone to recall an iconic character —Pirates of the Carribbean's Jack Sparrow. People don't complain about lack of realism in his fights, mainly due to understanding that "part of the Pirates franchise is meant to be silly and fun."

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"And it's the same here. It isn't meant to be drenched in realism like the fighting in GoT. It's meant as a moment of levity and fun, and that's how it's filmed and choreographed," the user continued.

Given that the first season alone cost Amazon nearly $500 million, it is only natural to wonder just how much was spent on choreography in the end.

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There are two episodes left until season 1 of The Rings of Power is wrapped up. Episode 7 episode arrives next Friday, and the finale is scheduled to premiere on October 14.

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