The Shining Star Didn't Know What The Movie Was About For Years

The Shining Star Didn't Know What The Movie Was About For Years
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The first watch must've been very traumatic for them.

The heated debate over child actors has been going on for as long as the movie industry has existed.

While some people are cool with kids working on set as long as they are paid fairly and don't have to work too much in a day, others feel that some movies just don't need to have child stars at all.

Of course, blockbusters and highly violent horror films are the ones that get the most debate.

However, there is a way to have both: to have children play their roles in horror without them being traumatized by the violent plot.

Stanley Kubrick was the one who came up with the idea to protect the young actor Danny Lloyd in The Shining from the things he wasn't supposed to see or know about yet.

To avoid any problems, Lloyd was given a script that contained nothing that a child should not read.

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All the while, the child actor was under the impression that the movie they were shooting was a family drama set in a hotel.

Although it took a lot of time and preparation to organize the set the way it was, the end result seems to be worth it.

The quality of the film did not suffer at all from this little change, but Danny Lloyd can look back on his experience with a smile on his face.

According to the actor himself, The Shining was a good experience for him and he has only fond memories of it. Although he did not choose to continue his acting career as an adult, it would always remain a fun childhood memory.

Danny Lloyd found out the truth about The Shining many years later when he was a teenager and saw it for the first time.

Before that, Kubrick had made sure that all the parts the child saw were heavily edited to remove all the scary moments.

Of course, it must have been terrifying to sit through The Shining for the first time, but it was also exciting to see how clever and appropriate his parts were for the movie he didn't really know anything about.

If you're up for a horror night, you can rewatch The Shining on MAX, or buy it on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu.

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