The Simpsons Already Did It: Nolan’s New Project Is 24 Years Late

The Simpsons Already Did It: Nolan’s New Project Is 24 Years Late
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Oppenheimer’s “father” is going to remake the series which was taunted by The Simpsons long ago.


  • Christopher Nolan may remake an iconic 1960s mystery show.
  • It was already mocked in The Simpsons ’ episode, in which the creator and main star of the original show, Patrick McGoohan, took part.
  • Still, the remake can become Nolan’s definitive project.

Christopher Nolan, one if the main giants of today’s cinema industry, has recently taken home not only an impressive payday for his work on Oppenheimer, a biopic of the creator of the atomic bomb, which grossed record-breaking $960 million worldwide, but also the Academy awards for Best Picture and, personally, Best Director.

In this connection, it has been reported that the master’s next project will be the remake of the 1960s British series The Prisoner, showcasing an agent, who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious island village after resigning from his position.

This plot may be familiar to The Simpsons’ fans, as the show was mocked in this Fox sitcom, famous for its callbacks to other movies and series, as well to the events of real life.

In Season 12, Episode 6 titled “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes”, the whole third act presents an allusion to The Prisoner, as the main character, Homer, is sent to a bizarre island where he’s constantly deceived. Such a reference is bold and curious, ‘cause it’s quite opposite to the sitcom’s tone and due to the low guessability of such a callback.

Nevertheless, it features an exciting meeting of animated comedy and obscure spy drama. Besides, it’s quite remarkable that in this episode there is an appearance of The Prisoner’s creator and main star, Patrick McGoohan, with his character from the show.

As for Nolan’s potential approach to The Prisoner’s remake, it’ll presumably become his definitive project. This is because the series’ lore combines elements of several genres, including psychological thriller, science and spy fiction, which are the director’s trademark, the rise of which can be traced from his early works, see Memento (2000) and Insomnia (2002), to the 2020 loud flop Tenet, which now faces burst in people’s interest to it.

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As for the further details of the given project, Nolan has yet to start writing the screenplay, having revealed zero possible plot or cast decisions. Indeed, creating and promoting such a once-in-a-lifetime movie as Oppenheimer was quite a burden, though a great one, so let’s patiently wait for the next updates on the genius’ work.

Source: Variety