The Ultimate List of 10 Longest Best Picture Oscar Winners of All Time

The Ultimate List of 10 Longest Best Picture Oscar Winners of All Time
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even though today's movies are getting shorter and shorter with each passing year as audiences' attention spans get shorter and shorter, it used to be believed that the longer a movie ran, the better it was.

And this confusing notion is perfectly proven by the sheer number of Best Picture Oscar winners whose running time clocks in at over three hours, a length unimaginable for any movie hoping to make some money at the box office these days.

Here are the 10 longest Best Picture winners, ranked by running time:

To be honest, not all of the movies on this list are any good, as the Oscars used to be an award ceremony closely associated with the major Hollywood studios, who basically choose what movies to award and what movies to ignore.

As a result, a bunch of boring, long-running blockbusters won the coveted Best Picture award despite being unreasonably massive and frankly boring. But don't let that stop you from seeing Lawrence of Arabia and The Deer Hunter, two great films that not only used their massive running times to perfection, but are still considered masterpieces in 2024.

Even if you hate long movies, some of the entries on this list will make you grateful you took the chance on them!

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