'The Umbrella Academy': Here's How Luther & Sloane Might Be Connected to "Kugelblitz" Mystery

'The Umbrella Academy': Here's How Luther & Sloane Might Be Connected to
Image credit: Netflix

It all kinda comes together if you think about the powers of the Umbrella's Number One and the Sparrow's Number Five.

In wake of 'The Umbrella Academy ' season 3 premiere, there have been speculations about certain members of the Umbrella Academy and the Sparrow Academy having a thing, be it some sort of romantic or any other kind of connection.

Fans immediately suggested that this is about Luther, the Umbrella's Number One who boasts tremendous physical strength, and Sloane, the Sparrow Academy's "gravity defier".

While their romance is yet to be confirmed, there is a fan theory that has a way more practical explanation for the possible connection between Luther and Sloane. Since Luther is a space lover who spent an impressive amount of time on a Moon mission, and Sloane is capable of manipulating gravity, the two might make a team just as good to defend both families from the mysterious "kugelblitz" – something that could possibly mean a black hole formed by radiation and warping time and space.

Besides, it's not like fans are fond of the idea of Luther and Sloane getting together.

"I'm sorry but Luther and Sloane? like besides the fact that they have the same father I'm... yeah no they can't be romantic no," – /lavaticxbee.

Others are all for Luther and Sloane duo, but in a more platonic way.

The new season's premiere on June 22 will put an end to the fans' speculations, revealing the mysteries and introducing the romance (if there is some).