'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

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The trailer for the upcoming third season of Netflix's biggest superhero show has finally been released, revealing lots of interesting details.

In the upcoming third installment of the superhero series, the beloved team will once again travel to another reality, face their evil siblings from Sparrow Academy and attempt to save the world from extinction. The sneak-peak into the upcoming events proved to be successful, with fans scrutinizing the trailer for clues, spoilers and secrets. Here's what to expect from season three.

Ben and Reginald are alive in the Sparrow timeline

Yes, both Sir Reginald Hargreeves, aka the World's Worst Dad (Colm Feore), and Ben (Justin H. Min) are alive in season three – and they're evil. The Sparrow timeline is really different from what fans are used to, so these deceased characters reappear in front of viewers. And things are much more interesting with Ben: the ghost version and the new Sparrow's Ben appear at the same time, and Min flexes his acting muscles to the full trying to make it work.

Some superpowers of Sparrow Academy members are finally revealed

After character posters for the Sparrow Academy members were revealed in early May, fans couldn't wait to find out what ridiculous superpowers these evil twins boast. And the trailer finally reveals at least some of them -- Faye's (Brittn Oldford) superpower is to summon birds from another dimension, and it's far more dangerous than you might think. Another huge revelation is a glowing red cube striking people with lightning, commanded by the evil Ben, and fans still need time to come to terms with what does that mean.

Pre-transition Viktor

Another important revelation of the trailer was the appearance of Elliot Page's character, Victor. To the fans' surprise, some of the footage showed Victor as he was in the previous two seasons, before Page himself experienced a transition. It seems that the creators of the series decided to show the aforementioned transition on screen, rather than simply acknowledging it retrospectively. A brave decision!

Pogo is back

Yep, you heard that right! Pogo is alive and well in the Sparrow timeline, displaying wild charisma and evil tattoos. It looks like Pogo in season three will fulfill the same "good father" role he played for the members of Umbrella Academy in season one, but for the villains of Sparrow Academy. This would certainly explain his new-found gangster look.

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