The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Left Early Viewers Surprised In The Best Possible Way

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Left Early Viewers Surprised In The Best Possible Way
Image credit: AMC

Save the date, this one is worth checking out.

It's hard to not be skeptical when you hear about yet another spinoff of a popular franchise these days. While some of them are generally good, the number of spinoffs, reboots, sequels, and prequels is so high that it feels like there is no place for original content on television anymore.

This is especially true for the shows that didn't have great endings. Just as the majority of viewers weren't initially sold on the idea of HBO picking up another George R.R. Martin story after the heartbreakingly failed finale of Game of Thrones, the original fans of The Walking Dead weren't exactly sold on the numerous spinoffs that were promised.

Luckily, both groups were in for a pleasant surprise in the end.

It turns out that The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is really worth checking out. According to early viewer and critic reviews, the show may surprise you with obvious similarities to The Last of Us storyline and setting, but once you get over that and return to Daryl Dixon, you'll be happy to admit that the show is good.

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With a 69% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, Daryl Dixon is proving to be a solid foundation on which to build the story in season 2. With AMC already confirming that the series will be picked up, fans can be sure to get another installment of the gripping and suspenseful story soon.

Among all the show's other strengths, Norman Reedus' performance as Daryl Dixon is at the center of almost every critical review. Were Daryl not such an established and popular character, the similarities to The Last of Us would be harder to overlook. However, with the emphasis on character, Daryl Dixon promises to be a great development.

From the reassuring feeling of seeing Daryl Dixon as a real, living, breathing, emotional character for the first time in many years, to the genuine interest in how season 2 will continue the story, The Walking Dead production team has proven that even after 200 episodes, the universe still has a lot to offer.

Now it's up to the writers' storytelling skills to keep it going.

If you want to check out The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon for yourself, be sure to tune in to AMC on September 10th. Keep an eye out for more news and behind-the-scenes updates on the show!