The Winchesters Already Fell Into The Same Trap That Ruined Supernatural

The Winchesters Already Fell Into The Same Trap That Ruined Supernatural
Image credit: The CW

Supernatural started out as a "case of the week" show before it turned into an apocalyptic extravaganza, but it looks like its prequel is on track to skip the journey.

The Winchesters is heading into the same trap that Supernatural fell into, fans believe, but without having had several decent seasons before.

We fell in love with Supernatural back when it was a show about two brothers who hunted monsters while driving an Impala and listening to good old rock. Later, it slowly added more drama, introduced demons, angels, leviathans, and some of the forces you would think would be unbeatable, basically making each new season a serious threat to the Winchester brothers.

However, after two or three seasons of the brothers being in grave danger and somehow magically escaping, the suspense began to wear off.

Castiel's Cameo in The Winchesters Seems Inevitable At This Point

According to fans, The Winchesters makes the same mistake, but from the very first season, it never sticks to the "case of the week" format for too long. With Supernatural already pushing things to the limit, it's unlikely The Winchesters can come up with anything more threatening than the actual God destroying the universe.

"If the show is to continue, kill the Akrida at the end of S1 and get back to regular hunting in S2. No overall world-ending threats, just your homies and innocent people at stake from the (awesome) monsters that are abundant in that setting in that period," Redditor lord_kristivas said.

However, many fans believe that Jensen Ackles, who is an executive producer on the prequel, wants to use the show to fix the things he personally didn't like about the original series. At this point, Ackles has already brought Richard Speight Jr.'s Gabriel/Loki back into the game, and many people suspect that Castiel's return is becoming less and less questionable.

So far, the stakes seem to be as high as they were in Supernatural. However, it may be too early to tell if this is for better or worse.

The Winchesters return to The CW with a new episode on February 7th.