'The Winchesters' Doesn't Make Sense, Fans Claim – Here's Why

'The Winchesters' Doesn't Make Sense, Fans Claim – Here's Why
Image credit: The CW

The iconic monster hunting family is back – but not everyone is happy about that.

New trailer for 'The Winchesters ' – the 'Supernatural ' prequel that focuses on the story of Mary and John, the parents of the Winchester brothers – does not seem to foster much enthusiasm in fans about the upcoming show.

Both old-school 'Supernatural' fans and newbies are not very fond of what's to come. The die-hard fans argue that the prequel appears to retcon pretty much everything that the original show has established about the Winchester family; others point finger at the show's questionable visuals and storyline.

"Just read that spn cons cannot use the name winchesters on the merch because of this... Sorry but it is crazy that this prequel wants to steal heritage from 15y long going beloved show about Winchester brothers!" – @Monnech1

Some people are lowkey hoping that the events of 'The Winchesters' are taking place in some kind of an alternative universe. This would somehow make the altered version of Mary and John story make sense; as of now, fans argue that it does not add up to the original show.

"Based off this trailer, this prequel doesn't add up to the actual John and Mary story from supernatural. John didn't know anything about Mary being in a hunting family. And he only took up hunting after she died as revenge." – @arielmhuck

According to fans, "everything about this prequel is wrong" and just "cheapens the original arc" of John and Mary Winchesters. Many people believe that the spinoff is being done purely to capitalize on the 'Supernatural' fandom.

"This looks worse every time I see it, that's talent there. You can tell one of the show runners never really watched the show aside from the few scenes. Even at its worse SPN still had a certain heart to it, this has a greedy void that just wants $ and to use the fans of SPN." – @Owlallowit

Still, there might be hope, as Jensen Ackles ( Dean Winchester in 'Supernatural', as well as in 'The Winchesters') is exec producing the show. This is why some fans hope that he will not allow severe retconning; besides, Ackles also said that the prequel is going to take the 15 seasons of 'Supernatural' into account as well.

'The Winchesters' premieres on The CW on October 11.