The Worst Episode of Bridgerton Fans Can't Help but Skip on Rewatch

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With two seasons of the Netflix drama series already behind us, we can look back and pick our least favourite episode.

Julia Quinn's series of romantic books set in the alternate reality Regency era proved to be excellent source material for the streaming giant's hit show, and its wonderful characters and inventive story arcs have perfectly resonated with modern viewers.

As fans are rewatching the first two seasons while they wait for the release of the third one, there seems to be one episode that is being skipped more than others.

We're talking about the season two episode The Choice, which depicts the events surrounding Edwina and Anthony's wedding.

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In the episode, Edwina and her fans have their hearts broken into tiny little pieces when she realizes that her fiancé has feelings for her sister Kate. Edwina spends the bulk of the episode trying to figure out what her next move should be and whether she should marry Anthony anyway or let her sister be happy with him. In the end, she calls off the wedding when it dawns on her she has never really wanted to be Anthony's wife after all.

This plot doesn't sound half bad on paper, but the episode itself completely bombed with audiences.

Few viewers enjoyed having to watch Edwina struggle with what to do next for a whole hour, as people only really wanted to see Kate and Anthony finally getting together.

The show's writers never seemed to realize that the love triangle they created didn't really work and most people didn't at all appreciate them messing with Quinn's original storyline.

Many fans admitted to fast-forwarding through the episode to the moment where Kate and Anthony finally kiss. The general consensus is that the rest of the episode is contrived and weak.

Overall, The Choice creates heaps of unnecessary drama over a story arc that nobody cares about, and ends up feeling like a total drag. So if you're thinking of revisiting the first two seasons of your favourite alternate universe drama series to get ready for season 3, you are probably going to want to skip the 6th episode in season 2.

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