The Worst Superhero Bomb's Star Escaped To Mexico After Breaking Down

The Worst Superhero Bomb's Star Escaped To Mexico After Breaking Down
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Madame Web's disastrous flop reportedly shattered Dakota Johnson's confidence, and the actress escaped the country to find solace on the beaches of Mexico.


  • Dakota Johnson ’s Madame Web was terribly received by critics and viewers alike and is considered the worst superhero flop of the year.
  • The actress reportedly didn’t take the backlash well and broke down, leaving her close ones worried sick for her state.
  • Soon after, Johnson and her boyfriend escaped to Mexico to unwind and spend time together on the local beaches.

Madame Web’s theatrical run feels more like a theatrical agony, and it’s yesterday’s news: the movie’s doing so poorly we have to use Morbius, of all things, for comparison — and things still don’t work out in Dakota Johnson’s latest outing’s favor. The actress herself has already claimed she wouldn’t be watching Madame Web herself… But her situation is reportedly more dire than just avoiding the movie.

Dakota Johnson Devastated By Madame Web’s Flop

While we have all reasons to believe that Johnson was basically tricked into signing the Madame Web contract with promises of her joining the MCU, the actress still didn’t take her latest movie’s bombing well. Sources claim the Fifty Shades of Grey star was completely devastated by the critic and public reception of her new film.

“People say [Dakota] was beside herself, sobbing on her boyfriend Chris Martin’s shoulder and that her mom and dad were worried sick about her,” an insider shared with the National Enquirer.

Our best guess? The fact that she didn’t star in the movie she was promised in the first place made the situation even worse for Dakota Johnson. Not only did she not join the MCU and spent months working on a project she had no interest in, but her reputation has been tarnished because of it, and her career might be doomed now.

Dakota Johnson Escaped To Mexico To Wait It Out

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Madame Web’s flop was admittedly too much for the actress, and the fear of losing her acting career over a movie she never wanted to be part of led her to the edge. Thankfully, Dakota Johnson made the right call — and instead of staying in Hollywood and listening to everyone slandering her latest outing, she flew right off.

Johnson and her boyfriend Chris Martin were recently seen on the Puerto Vallarta beach in Mexico, sunbathing and swimming in the warm water. Though it might look like an escape (and it probably is), it’s a wise decision: relaxing on a beach is much better than reading the terrible reviews Madame Web received. Such unanimous hate to one’s work is enough to push anyone toward depression, so Mexico it is.

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