There Are 6 Different Indiana Jones 5 Endings So Far, All Of Them Awful

There Are 6 Different Indiana Jones 5 Endings So Far, All Of Them Awful
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Disney is allegedly testing six different finales for its Indiana Jones 5 movie, none of them cool enough. Disney management should be desperate.

The revelations about the six Indiana Jones endings have originally come from a youtuber Overlord DVD who cited his sources within Hollywood.

"While we are still digging into this, we feel it's time to bring you up to speed on KK and Indy 5. Allegedly, but we have enough to believe some of this, Indy 5 is bad."

Why? Because none of the endings so far made Disney happy, apparently.

"We've been told that Disney has test screenings of not one ending, but six different endings and not a one can get a good audience score," he continues.

The report also suggests that out of the six endings Disney tested, the best one got a 35% approval from its test audiences. Allegedly, all of the finales have a brave and stunning display of girl power as Phoebe Waller-Bridge who plays Indiana Jones' goddaughter Helena "puts on Indy's hat, takes Indy's whip and becomes the best Indy ever," Overlord DVD claims.

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The sources have allegedly told the youtuber that the movie has only gotten worse. Having delayed the movie's release for a year, the studio wanted to reshoot some scenes to avoid a looming disaster but it looks like all the attempts have failed.

Overlord DVD has said that "Indiana Jones 5 is a genuine s***show, a bomb just waiting to explode in theatres that will forever tarnish the brand and ruin Indiana Jones."

The newest Indiana Jones movie follows Harrison Ford 's character and his goddaughter Helena in the 1960s as they travel in time through a Stonehenge portal. They find themselves in the Roman era and in the 1930s – the time period of the original movies. It is said that old Jones meets young Jones and in one of the six different endings both are killed off before Helena takes up the hat and whip as a female reincarnation of the character. Are we getting yet another movie with a female character taking over from a male character?

The good thing is that what the Hollywood sources have told Overlord DVD is completely unverified. The rumors have neither been confirmed nor denied by Disney.

When and if Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters in summer 2023, it will mark the comeback of the franchise we've been waiting for 15 years. The last Indiana Jones film Kingdom of the Crystal Skull premiered all the way back in 2008. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie earned more than $790 million worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing installment of the franchise.