There Are 'Supernatural' Easter Eggs in 'Walker' – Can You Spot Them All?

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With Jensen Ackles directing the new episode of 'Walker' that is set to hit the screens on April 14, the episode's premiere will also mark a sort of 'Supernatural' reunion, given that Jared Padalecki is starring.

Can we expect 'Supernatural' Easter eggs in the new episode of 'Walker'? According to a new Jensen Ackles interview, definitely yes.

"Katherine Alyse, who wrote the episode, knows Supernatural very well and essentially wrote a lot of Easter eggs. I was either like, "Oh, I can absolutely do that" or, "I can level that up." We definitely tried to pepper in the Easter eggs when we could," Jensen revealed to EW when speaking about directing 'Walker' from the set of the 'Supernatural' prequel.

At least one of these Easter eggs we already know. The episode, titled 'No Such Thing as Fair Play', will feature the band Kansas. 'Supernatural' fans are pretty familiar with their music, aren't they? Their song 'Carry On My Wayward Son' has become a signature soundtrack of 'Supernatural'.

But we will have to spot all the other Easter eggs on our own, with the episode slated to air on April 14.

It looks like this episode of 'Walker' is indeed a mini-reunion of 'Supernatural', even though the majority of the reunion takes place behind the scenes. But even this fact will not stop the SPN fans on their way to the screens on April 14.

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