There's a Nice Surprise in Store for Supernatural Fans in Walker: Independence

There's a Nice Surprise in Store for Supernatural Fans in Walker: Independence
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Walker: Independence, a spin-off of Jared Padalecki's Walker TV series, premieres on The CW October 6, and there's more than one reason to actually watch it.

A western series, set in the 1800s, packs a lot of surprises for viewers – and, perhaps even more interestingly, for Supernatural fans in particular. Talking to TV Pulse, Padalecki touched the topic of Mark Sheppard, Supernatural's fan favorite, starring in Walker: Independent as Hagan, the town's unscrupulous hotel owner – and kind of hinted on a possibility of even more familiar faces joining the cast in the future.

Given that Walker: Independence is pretty much Jared Padalecki 's passion project, it's not all that surprising that we're definitely going to see some familiar faces over on Independence. It's not just Padalecki after all: some of the cast and crew have been working with The CW or even WB back in the day for years now, so there's a lot of opportunities to include some of their ex-colleagues in some way. According to Padalecki, Walker: Independence writers definitely keep that in mind, already "writing a few different things":

"There's some people from shows that also were on CW or WB back in the day that are just perfect for certain roles. And I know that with Seamus and Anna's knowledge of the CW/WB lexicon, they probably have a few different actors in mind. […] And we'll be sure to try and reach out to them if the opportunity arises."

For now, though, it's just Mark Sheppard and Matt Barr, whose character once again is named Hoyt, just like in original Walker. However, this one is not to be confused with his much more modern counterpart, being, apparently, a Hoyt's larger than life ancestor. Expect some Easter eggs and references to Walker's Hoyt in the first couple of episodes and keep your eyes (and ears) open: according to Jared Padalecki, there's "a part of the dialogue that Seamus threw in there that we can't wait for the audience to see as they air, especially our crossover audience."