There's a Thing About Rick's Underwear on The Walking Dead You Don't Want to Know

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Since his entrance in 2010, Rick Grimes served as the center of AMC's "The Walking Dead." Actors had come and often gruesomely gone throughout the 2010s, but Rick was a constant in a show that has since become a true extended franchise.

That is until he left the show in the ninth season.

By that time, he'd taken a far more diplomatic approach to surviving the zombie apocalypse. He met his assumed end by sacrificing himself to save all he loved, an act that led his people to search for a better future.

"The Walking Dead" was a cultural phenomenon, and for those who stuck by Rick's side for those nine seasons, Rick was transformed into a genuine hero during an era of constant death.

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In a show known for its unsavory – and often grotesque – moments, one Rick-specific fact is a little extra gross.

Rick Grimes has been wearing the same boxers since he woke up in episode one: a (somewhat) gross fact brought to you by @RickAndThangs Twitter account.

In the legendary series premiere, "Days Gone Bye," Rick woke up in the worst possible way. He'd awakened from a coma in a zombie apocalypse, the world far different from when he'd gone down. He quickly gathered his bearings before stumbling out into the remains of humanity, armed with only a hospital gown and his light blue boxer shorts.

After meeting a few new people and getting himself some pants, he set off to find his wife and son, Lori and Carl. As viewers know, life didn't get much easier from there.

How do we know he's wearing the same shorts for all these seasons?

In season 8, Rick had been taken prisoner by the Scavengers and their leader, Jadis. He's stripped back down to his underwear and forced to battle an armed walker without a weapon of his own. Once again, he's wearing those light blue boxer shorts.

According to the official Walking Dead franchise timeline, season 8 happens about 600 days after Rick awakens from his coma. It sure seems like he's been wearing the same underwear for almost two years.

Of course, Rick has a few bigger things to worry about. He's in constant war with humans while avoiding being killed or turned by a walker while trying to find food, water, shelter, and weapons – all far more important than a fresh set of underwear.

But in two years, he wouldn't have thought to raid an outlet store?

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