There's an Issue With How Caraxes Looks in 'House of the Dragon'

There's an Issue With How Caraxes Looks in 'House of the Dragon'
Image credit: Legion-Media

The show's creators previously promised that each dragon in the 'Game of Thrones' prequel is going to sport its own looks and personality.

With 'House of the Dragon ' premiere being days away, the new teaser has quite literally fueled the fire of fans' anticipation. Among other things, it has provided plenty of new dragon material; particularly, we got to see one of the dragons, Caraxes, in his full glory.

However, despite the impressive design — and the show's creators certainly did not lie when they said dragons are going to be different from each other — there is just one little tweak about Caraxes. Many fans were disappointed to see that he looks very snake-like — he boasts a long neck that does indeed give him a bit of resemblance to Harry Potter 's Basilisk.

Still, there is a good reason for him to look like that. In the books, Caraxes is called the Blood Wyrm exactly because of his incredibly long neck.

Besides, the old Targaryen dragons will obviously look different from those Daenerys had in 'Game of Thrones '. Still, many people were quick to mock Caraxes for his long neck, comparing him to a giraffe or a "sausage dog" of the dragons.

According to the teaser, however, Caraxes is one of the most dangerous dragons. With his red scale and threatening looks, he spent a lot of time in the teaser spewing fire on pretty much everything he saw.

Earlier, 'House of the Dragon' showrunner Miguel Sapochnik said that there are going to be at least 17 fire-breathers in the show, with nine of them to be introduced in season 1.