There's Iconic Movie Easter Egg in 'Thor 4' Trailer You Might Have Missed

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The 'Thor: Love and Thunder' first trailer is full of Easter eggs, but fans seem to find new ones every single time.

If you look closely at several Thor scenes in the 'Love and Thunder' trailer, they might seem very familiar to you if you are as much of a 'Forrest Gump' fan as some people who are waiting for the 'Thor' sequel to hit the screens.

First of all, the very first scenes that kick off the trailer just scream that Forrest Gump vibe. Run, Thor, run!

But if that can just be a creative similarity, then Thor's outfit simply cannot look that much like Forrest Gump's.

Just how fast the night changes.

With Thor channeling Forrest Gump energy, we can only guess whether the movie will opt for more references to the iconic Tom Hanks movie. Given that the God of Thunder is on a quest for inner peace, it's no surprise that he emanates Forrest Gump vibes – after all, the guy also had a big self-discovering (as long as quite literal) journey before realizing who he was.

We will have the chance to check out the similarities between Thor and Forrest on July 8, when the fourth Thor movie arrives in theatres.

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