There Was A Secret Cameo In 'Moon Knight' Episode 1, And No One Noticed It

Image credit: Legion-Media

If you think you caught every single Easter egg there might have been in Marvel's new series 'Moon Knight'... think again.

It seems that 'Moon Knight' has in fact already introduced us to more characters we can realize. Thanks to a couple of very observant fans, Jeremy Slater himself had to confirm what seemed to go unnoticed by the viewers of the first episode: there's actual Bertrand Crawley featuring in the show.

If you haven't read the comics, you are unlikely to know that Crawley is one of Moon Knight's closest civilian allies, who keeps him updated on word on the streets and some insights from the New York crime circles.

But if you do know who Crawley is, then maybe you are among the eagle-eyed viewers who immediately recognized him as the man covered in gold paint and impersonating a statue.

So perhaps don't rush to believe everything that Marvel writers are telling you.

'Moon Knight' is set to run on Disney Plus until May 4, so there may be many more surprises in store for Marvel fans. As for the first episode, it garnered almost nothing but very positive reviews from both critics and fans, who have already placed 'Moon Knight' among Marvel's most successful TV projects.

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