The One 'Supernatural' Stunt Mark Sheppard Just Wasn't Ready to Do

The One 'Supernatural' Stunt Mark Sheppard Just Wasn't Ready to Do
Image credit: The CW

On 'Supernatural' people (along with angels and demons) have been stabbed, burnt, overthrown, blown to pieces, etc.

Most of these things Mark Sheppard a.k.a. Crowley had to undergo himself, but there was one exception.

Speaking to Michael Rosenbaum in his podcast 'Inside of You', Mark Sheppard recalled a certain stunt that he was simply not okay with doing.

"Apparently, Pellegrino was supposed to stick a demon… [blade], and they literally brought a kung-fu dummy in front of them, and this contraption, and supposedly he was going to stick this thing up my nose, and squirt blood off my nose. And it was going to be Pellegrino that did it. I'm like "That's not going up my nose". You know, a stick, a solid piece of metal up my nose, to do a gag from Chinatown?" the actor shared.

Sheppard said he had to call the producer Jim Michaels to ask him whether he was "in trouble" for refusing to do the stunt. But Michaels was apparently fine with it.

The whole thing was eventually resolved due to the visual effects guy offering to do it all using a green screen and a rubber blade.

"There's moments, there's ups and downs," Sheppard explained, referring to his overall experience on the set of 'Supernatural '.

In fact, Crowley was among the characters who have likely been stubbed the most in 'Supernatural'. It may or may not be connected to the fact that he was messing up with pretty much everyone – not only the Winchester brothers, but also his fellow demons. After all, one of Crowley's favorite hobbies in the show was torturing!

But a demon blade up the nose? Hell no.