These 10 Classic Sci-fi Movies Deserved All the Oscars, Got Nada

These 10 Classic Sci-fi Movies Deserved All the Oscars, Got Nada
Image credit: Legion-Media

If there's one genre the Academy largely ignores, it's sci-fi. This wildly popular and original genre has been around since the early days of the movie industry, but major critics and awards shows have always disregarded it as juvenile and too fantastical to compete with important dramas and historical epics.

This silly prejudice has been alive and well for more than sixty years, and even though sci-fi movies are finally getting the recognition they always deserved in the last decade or so, many sci-fi masterpieces of the past will never get the awards they clearly deserve.

Here are 10 of the best classic sci-fi movies without Oscar nominations:

We have chosen to include only the most successful and popular sci-fi films in this list, as the high fantasy films lacked the fan support to even pretend to be nominated for an Oscar.

All of the above films became cult classics within months of their release, and it was shocking to see these original and groundbreaking works completely ignored by the Oscars.

And even awards for Best Acting or Best Screenplay were clearly out of reach for these titles; directing and technical trophies were clearly right up their alley.

The fact that the Academy ignored such stunning technical achievements as "The Terminator " or "The Thing" is hard to forgive, but at least the times set the record straight, making these films cult favorites.

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