These 10 LotR Movie Characters Are Way Older Than You Think

These 10 LotR Movie Characters Are Way Older Than You Think
Image credit: Legion-Media

We know that elves are practically immortal, so we're not surprised by Legolas being almost 3000 years old and having that perfect Orlando Bloom's face.

But not only elves have extended lifespans compared to humans, and these characters' ages may surprise you.

The way John R. R. Tolkien crafted the Middle Earth universe is astonishing and has been a reference point that most fantasy writers are trying to achieve when they're creating their own worlds.

It's sophisticated yet perfectly explained, the logic ties it all together, and the characters, even if they are created as reflections of real-life humans, fall into this meticulously arranged lore with multiple races perfectly. Their age shows their experience in life and plays a huge role in the narrative.

Frodo is still a kid, despite technically nearing retirement by modern human standards. The romance between Aragorn and Arwen is doomed from the beginning despite the former being graced by a longer lifespan than a regular human, and it matters, making the whole story even more heart-wrenching.

Learning that the Great Eagles are older than Elrond was a surprise, though, but a pleasant one. That's the reason why they were able to bring the boys back.