These 10 Sci-Fi Movies Are Actually Remakes, and You Had No Idea

These 10 Sci-Fi Movies Are Actually Remakes, and You Had No Idea
Image credit: Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures

Sometimes remakes become so popular they overshadow the originals, and over time people tend to forget there was an original at all.

It's true for these sci-fi movies: they are based on long-forgotten works and build their success on top of them.

Not every remake or reboot is needed: we often say that when movies that already have lots of recognition and a huge fanbase end up being reworked in a modern way.

But if the original movie is not that well known or didn't get much recognition at the time of its release, a remake seems almost justified.

Maybe now the audience would be able to grasp the idea behind this story and fully enjoy the sci-fi world that the movie creates. Or maybe the reboot will change the focus of the work to cater to a modern audience, keeping only some of the key elements intact.

That's what happened with The Fly, for example, the premise stayed the same, but the focus has shifted from the body horror to something more romantic.

Or maybe the remake will change the setting: Battle Beyond The Stars is known for moving the stories of The Magnificent Seven and Seven Samurai to space.