These 3 Worst Shrek 5 Ideas Are Sacrifices We Are Willing to Make

These 3 Worst Shrek 5 Ideas Are Sacrifices We Are Willing to Make
Image credit: Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Animation

With Shrek’s new film already on the way, there’s a chance for creators to finally unveil the franchise’s mysteries — and some of them don’t sound that good.

It’s been several years since we got Shrek 4 — and fans are more than ready to continue keeping an eye on the famous ogre’s story. As the fifth film of the franchise is approaching, there are some fan-created theories about the potential plot that start circulating, but some of them don’t seem to be a very good fit for the famous tale.

Though even these suggestions most likely won’t impede thousands of Shrek’s lovers to flood the cinemas when it’s finally released. However, it’s still better for Shrek 5 to steer clear of those.

Shrek giving his kids ogre history lessons

Pretty much everyone knows that Shrek is one proud ogre that has never been afraid to show the way he really is — even though sometimes it’s not very compelling.

Apparently, this also means that Shrek’s main focus of his children’s education will become the history of their origin and development as a part of the fictional society — but it doesn’t seem to be very entertaining for the viewers.

If the character indeed will lead the storyline with a context like this, the franchise jeopardizes one of its main ideas to be repeated over and over again.

Far Far Away getting a modernized look

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While previous films of the franchise have already introduced some modern technologies in the fictional society — like Far Far Away’s habitants using smartphones — it seems like the creators do tend to turn the fairytale kingdom into a normal country that exists these days.

Though many fans may agree that it’s this peculiar mixture of medieval and modern times that creates one of the story’s most hilarious moments. Thus, getting to see yet another film with the plot centered in a high-technological city doesn’t sound very enthusiastic.

Shrek 5 giving Fiona another “warrior moment”

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The previous film, Shrek Forever After, followed Fiona’s past in the alternate reality as the fearless leader of the ogre army.

As the plot has clearly shown that Fiona is quite far from being a stereotypical princess who is frightened by the idea of even leaving her castle, there’s probably no more need to show her from the same perspective yet again.

Rather than that, the character could still appear as a strong woman and leader, but already in the habitat that she’s used to — and that still won’t impede her to take the leading role on the stage.