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These Three Celebs Are Sick and Tired of Telling People How to Say Their Name Correctly

These Three Celebs Are Sick and Tired of Telling People How to Say Their Name Correctly
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We all love Saoirse Ronan but how many people actually know how to say her name correctly? Exactly!

What is more, she is not the only celeb to suffer from people mispronouncing their name and having to correct them over and over again!

Numerous stars with unusual names have been asked the question, "How to pronounce your name?" many times. It is difficult to say whether they are more tired of people mispronouncing their name or people asking how not to…

Let's dive in.

Saoirse Ronan

She is probably the most famous celeb whose name is widely mistreated. Even so, she was asked how to pronounce her last name correctly on BBC Radio 1, to which she hilariously responded that it was supposed to be 'Roland'.

As for her first name, it is simple. Say, "SUR-SHA". No "OW" in the middle, however much you want to add it there. The name is Irish, the rules are too, so just deal with it.


One might think, "Oh, at least there's no last name to mess up!" While that is true, the famous actress's first name has been up for debate for years.

In fact, Zendaya herself commented on the issue, "People think it's more exotic than it really is. Like papaya."

In fact, the real pronunciation makes more sense than it usually does when it comes to English phonetics. Say, "ZEN-DAY-UH", and you will be fine.

Ariana Grande

"Ariana" is easy enough to pronounce, but "Grande" has had fans puzzled for years. Since the last name has Italian origins but has become Americanized, even members of the Grande family have found different ways to pronounce it.

Ariana herself says that she follows her grandpa's pronunciation style, which is "GRAND-EE", while her brother actually prefers it as "GRAHN-DAY". Our tip is to just use the one that the person you are referring to likes. Seems fair, right?

Now that that is settled, we hope that your mind is free of doubts on how to pronounce these celebs' names properly.

As for Zendaya, Ariana, Saoirse, and many others that we have not covered in this article, let's hope that they will get asked this question less and less.