This 84% Rated Scarlett Johansson Gem Was Booed by the Fans, but Why?

This 84% Rated Scarlett Johansson Gem Was Booed by the Fans, but Why?
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Imagine being one of the people who booed at the first screening of a movie that’s now recognized as the best British film of the 21st century.


  • Apart from her iconic Black Widow role, Scarlett Johansson has starred in several big-name dramas throughout her career.
  • Her movie Under the Skin was booed at the first screening in 2013 and still has a 55% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Despite that, the critics loved Under the Skin, naming it “the best British film of the 21st century” and giving it a 84% RT score.

While for most people, Scarlett Johansson is primarily known as the Black Widow from the MCU, the actress has had numerous different roles throughout her career. Some of her best performances resulted in critically acclaimed and recognized movies — even if at the time of their releases, the public didn’t exactly take a liking to them.

Under the Skin Creates a Haunting Story

Scarlett Johansson’s 2013 movie Under the Skin is a horror drama following a mysterious woman who travels the roads of Scotland in her car, picking up lonely men and seducing them. She’s not interested in their company in the same way they’re interested in hers, though, as her goals are much more sinister and terrifying.

Under the Skin sees one of Scarlett Johansson’s best performances. Together with the movie’s director Jonathan Glazer’s talent, her undisputable acting chops create a beautiful and haunting visage, taking the viewers on a dark and twisted journey. Today, Under the Skin has already seen its recognition, but it hasn’t always been like this: the movie’s initial screenings went terribly.

Fans Booed Scarlett Johansson’s Under the Skin

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Apparently, fans didn’t take a liking to Johansson’s horror drama at first, resulting in an embarrassing and humiliating first screening. The actress was beside herself.

“It was one of the worst screenings I’ve attended; it was the only time the audience booed a film. Scarlett was almost in tears. I tried to say to her, ‘Don’t worry; in time, the film will be recognised.’ And that’s exactly what happened. It’s now a cult movie,” Venice film festival’s Alberto Barbera shared with The Guardian.

In 2022, Under the Skin was recognized as the “best British film of the 21st century” in MASSIVE Cinema’s critics poll. As of the time of writing, the movie has an 84% Critic Score on Rotten Tomatoes, too, bragging the Certified Fresh status.

However, the audience still remains divided about this movie: the Audience Score for Under the Skin is only 55%, so the booers and naysayers are still strong with this one. If you’ve watched the film, share your opinion below — let’s see if our math checks out in favor of critics or viewers.

Did you like Under The Skin?

Source: The Guardian