This Crazy Doctor Who Fan Theory Could Bring River Song Back For 60th Anniversary

This Crazy Doctor Who Fan Theory Could Bring River Song Back For 60th Anniversary
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Fans are ready to hear "Hello, sweetie!" again.

After the news of David Tennant's epic comeback as the Fourteenth Doctor broke, Whovians everywhere were led to believe that nothing is impossible in this universe.

The Doctor getting the same face may have been a bit controversial on its own, but considering that the face belongs to one of the most beloved actors in the fandom, people were willing to accept it.

What makes the whole ordeal even better is the comeback of Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, one of the Tenth's companions.

Another comeback that was unexpected but extremely pleasant for the fans was the comeback of Russell T Davies as the showrunner of the next Doctor Who era.

Contrary to Tennant, he'll stay on even after the 60th-anniversary special is over and introduce the audience to the fifteenth Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa.

To get viewers absolutely excited about the upcoming episodes, there is only one character left to add to this extensive list of comebacks: River Song.

Though it would be almost impossible to break her out of the Library to meet another version of the Doctor after Peter Capaldi, throwing the Fourteenth with the face she knows and the personality she doesn't know makes it more possible.

River could have met the Fourteenth at any point in her life, thinking it was the Tenth, then met the Tenth in the Library, thinking she had met him before, not realizing it was the Fourteenth.

It might sound confusing at first, but it might also explain why she was so surprised at how "young" the Doctor was the last time she saw him.

Of course, this definitely wasn't part of Steven Moffat's original plan for the character, but fans are on board with tweaking it a bit to fit the current narrative.

While some may call it wishful thinking, others believe that Davies can bring in many more surprises than expected.

To see if River Song or any of the other former companions will be making a comeback in the 60th anniversary special, keep an eye out for their premiere date announcements.

The show is scheduled to return in November 2023, but no specific dates have been set yet.

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