This Deleted Harry Potter Scene Raises Big Draco Malfoy Question

This Deleted Harry Potter Scene Raises Big Draco Malfoy Question
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After a decade of movies, you'd think every character would have at least one redeeming quality.

Thanos has his love for his daughter. Walter White tries to trade his fortune for Hank's life. Theon Greyjoy had a redemption arc that changed his legacy. Even Dwight Schrute ended up as Jim's best man.

After enough time spent with a character, few stay 100% bad.

Alas, Draco Malfoy has zero redeeming qualities in any of the "Harry Potter " franchise. Viewers first meet him telling Harry not to talk to Ron, born poor, or Hermione, born a Muggle. His most morally upright moment is when he refuses to kill Dumbledore – but is not killing a protagonist something to be admired?

But how would we perceive Draco if he'd helped Harry defeat Lord Voldemort?

That's exactly what happened in a deleted scene of "Deathly Hallows Part 2," the final movie of the franchise's main run. The moment was revealed in a behind-the-scenes documentary.

In the theatrically released version of the movie, Harry emerges victorious against Voldemort by using the Elder Wand, taken from Draco (who'd just given Voldemort an incredibly awkward hug). Harry Potter goes down as one of the most iconic heroes in cinematic history, more than the relatable kid he had previously been.

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In the deleted scene, Draco willingly gives the wand to Harry. He darts from stage left and tosses the wand, leaving Voldemort visibly shocked and worried.

Maybe he's grateful to Harry, who'd saved his life twice. Or maybe he just realizes Voldemort is the personification of evil and decides to do the right thing.

Draco's irredeemable qualities don't come without their sympathies: He's raised by a Death Eater and a woman from the Black family – not the friendliest family tree. But being a sympathetic character doesn't disqualify Draco from being an evil one.

But if this deleted scene were canon, how would we see the character?

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Villains stepping up to save the film's hero to defeat the overarching menace would not be unique in film history. Darth Vader is a prime example, saving Luke from the Emperor and finding his place among the force ghosts as Anakin. Draco's entire arc would likewise be perceived differently; he'd be redeemed and lauded once the credits roll.

This version of Draco would leave fans with a different taste and all his actions in the previous seven movies would be forgiven.

Would you have preferred a redemption arc for Draco, or would it have been out of character? Share and let us know.