This Friends Star Had the Dirtiest Mouth and Never Watched the Show When Filming

This Friends Star Had the Dirtiest Mouth and Never Watched the Show When Filming
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A “potty mouth” and exactly zero interest in watching her own show throughout the ten years of starring in it — can you guess which main cast member it was?

Friends had a brilliant 10-years-long run that saw millions of people all around the world glued to their screens to learn what would happen in the next episode. The ultimately freaky and unlikely friend group of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe had the audience laughing hysterically season after season.

The creators of the show boasted quite a few times that they’d found the perfect actors for each of the six main characters, and it’s hard to argue with them. The core cast absolutely owned every scene and, over time, grew closer and closer to their respective characters — but obviously, they weren’t identical to them in real life.

Phoebe Buffay was famously a weird loner throughout the show, hopping from one relationship into another, and being a running gag in her own right. Her actress, Lisa Kudrow, was very different in real life: while Phoebe was not one to swear a lot, many bloopers from Friends reveal that behind the scenes, Kudrow had the biggest potty mouth of them all!

Even though Kudrow’s character repeatedly proved to be one of the funniest on the show and her behind-the-scenes reputation was wide-acknowledged, the actress herself has no idea what was going on back then. When speaking with Today, Lisa Kudrow revealed that she didn’t remember much from her days on Friends.

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Not only does the actress not remember her on-set experience, but she also never watched the show herself — especially while filming it. Kudrow had a busy life and had to take care of her kid, so much like Courteney Cox, she’s still clueless!

"Yeah, Courteney and I are completely in the same boat. We don’t even remember what the episodes were…I know I haven’t seen all the episodes. I have a kid and things are happening and there wasn’t TiVo yet,” the actress explained.

This isn’t the most comforting thought considering that the show has been in the works for 10 whole years meaning Lisa Kudrow forgot a huge part of her life. But admittedly, she had all too much on her plate beyond the set, so she treated it as any other work: came there, played her part, and left to do her own thing.

It’s still weird to know that any fan knows more about Friends than the one person who played such a central role in this show, though.

Source: Today