This General Hospital Couple Is the Reason Half the Audience Became Addicted to the Show

This General Hospital Couple Is the Reason Half the Audience Became Addicted to the Show
Image credit: ABC

Let there be a fan feud!

General Hospital is one of the longest running soap operas on American TV, and despite the fact that it’s been more than 60 years since the show’s premiere, the fact remains that it is still pretty much enjoyed by fans.

The secret of the series' success might be in fact that there are so many things changing over the years that it just keeps the fans invested all the time. However, it seems like some changes made in the story are not that well-received by the audience as the writers thought they would be.

For example, the hardcore fans of the series – the ones that started watching the show a long time ago – can’t still make peace with the fact that the Sonny/Carly tandem exists in the universe of General Hospital.

Instead, they daydream about the days when Sonny and Brenda were a thing. Back in the 90s, they were considered the show's power couple, and fans can't stop saying that to this day, they are the only ones who have shown real chemistry on screen. And Carly is nowhere to be found with her attitude.

“It's like this for me, Sonny and Brenda...the writers SHOWED me they loved each other. Sonny and Carly...the writers TOLD me they were in love. Not to mention they constantly had to sh*t on S&B to justify S&C. It boils down to writing. Sonny and Carly may have had all the weddings and children but S&B had the substance that made them one of the last super couples of soaps,” Redditor Mrsmaul2016 said.

In fact, many fans claim that their obsession with General Hospital began with Sonny and Brenda. And Brenda will always be their favorite character in the entire series.

There was a brief moment when the character was brought back in 2022, and the writers did her dirty and tried to ruin her arc, but they failed to make her fall in the eyes of the true fans.

General Hospital is available to stream on Hulu.